Today's Verse

He will be the builder of a house for my name; he will be to me a son, and I will be to him a father; and I will make the seat of his rule over Israel certain for ever. - 1 Chronicles 22:10

  • Praise be to God

    I am happy to hear to ur FM.. just lov to hear…… thank u for such a good work. u r serving God…God bless u in everything and with good health forever my brother in God. - Sujitha Noble
  • God Bless You

    God bless your desire to share his word. would pray for you. Authorizing you to play my songs in your channels. - on phone (Jul 2010). - Pr.Moses Rajasekhar, Chennai
  • Verses on Mobile

    If i get the verse on my mobile and read it late also is fine. If i don't get it, feel like missing something.. - Beulah Paul, Bangalore
  • God be praised

    Dear Justin, Thank you for your encouraging feedback. God be praised. Wishing all the best in your endeavours, Yours, Stanley. - Bro.R.Stanley, Tuticorin
  • DVD Clarity on Theophony Tv

    You have got dvd clarity on your television broadcast. keep doing god's work. - Edwina Jonas, Ooty
  • WOW Glorious God You are

    Im listening to this broadcast from Saudi Arabia.. Thank God that im able to listen to His word.. - Buddy Davy, Saudi Arabia
  • Encouraging Daily Verses on Mobile

    Daily Verses on mobile are very encouraging. Please continue sending them without fail.. - Anne Josephine, Chennai
  • Praise God for Theophony Media

    Praise be to god For quality programmes and great ministry reaching so many -Prayers GBu. - Sunil Kumar
  • Thank you God for Theophony Tv

    Was about to leave to India leaving the ministry. The testimony on Theophony Tv by Sis.Sujatha Selwyn touched me and as the lady said, even if God wants me to die, i will still serve him, i also would continue to serve the Lord in the place he has kept me. - Pr.Ezhilarasan, USA
  • God Bless Your VCD Idea

    You are doing a great job. Heard of your VCD idea. May God Bless the work in progress. - Benzvi, Chennai
  • Verses on mobile help my professional life

    The verses you share on mobile helps me make decisions on my professional life daily. - Abraham George, Cochin
  • Encouragement on Mobile

    please continue sending verses on mobile. its very encouraging.. - Nalini, Hyderabad
  • WOW Glorious God You are

    Dear,iam in saudi arabia, theophony fm, sound quality excelent, glory to jesus. - Sam Daniel, Saudi Arabia
  • Edifying and Refreshing Gospel Programs

    Good Songs very edifing & refreshing GBU. - Sharon
  • WOW Glorious God You are

    All these days, did not know that you are sending verses on mobile. this is a blessing to us. please continue.. - Vasanth Davis, Bangalore
  • WOW Glorious God You are

    Verse for the day is so apt, have to stick on to that word and and that is my guide to handle the day. . - Priscilla, Hyderabad
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    Speaker: Dr.Woodrow Croll
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