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Compassion Radio Broadcast

Compassion Radio is a boots on the ground Christian radio ministry that discovers and reports the stories of God’s people living passionately and compassionately in the world around them.

Morning Chapel Hour

1944: Compassion Radio had its beginning in 1944 when Wilbur Nelson began the radio program, “The Morning Chapel Hour.” This program was built on a foundation of sound doctrinal teaching and fiscal responsibility and ran for 54 years. Norm began his broadcasting career at age 5 on the Morning Chapel Hour, telling a Bible story and giving the mail address.

Life at its Best

1989: “The Morning Chapel Hour” eventually became known as “Life at its Best.” By that time, Norm Nelson had taken over the reigns of the daily broadcast from his father, Wilbur Nelson. The thrust of this new approach was to encourage American Christians to become more involved and active: to “not just hear the word, but do the word.”

Compassion Radio

1996: Norm returned to the broadcast from pastoral ministry years ago as co-speaker, moved onto the Presidency, became the sole speaker of the weekday program, and finally assumed the helm of the ministry in 1996. At precisely that time, God opened up unsolicited and unparalleled opportunities for mission service through the broadcast, making it clear this is His mission for Compassion Radio. Our name was given to us by an Imam in the West Bank, who described the work we were doing as “Compassion Radio.”

About The Author

Norm Nelson Compassion Radio

Compassion Radio Broadcast

For almost 40 years, Norm Nelson was the President of Compassion Ventures, Inc. and host of Compassion Radio, a unique faith-based, boots-on-the-ground activist media ministry based in Lake Forest, California. The program is heard daily in most major markets across the United States, and in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Its humanitarian projects have been carried out in 30 countries.