Today's Verse

And David said to his son Solomon, Be strong and of a good heart and do your work; have no fear and do not be troubled, for the Lord God, my God, is with you; he will not give you up, and his face will not be turned away from you, till all the work neces - 1 Chronicles 28:20

Theophony (Vol.1) - ACD
Music: Stephen Sanders
Lyrics: Justin Solomon
Produced by: Primrose Solomon
Singers: Sathya Prabhakar, Mabel Habakkuk, Udayakmar, Beryl Natasha
  • 1. Neere Enthan Kanmalai
  • 2. Karthaavai Nalla
  • 3. Engeayaakilum Swami
  • 4. Aarparipom
  • 5. Sing Praise
  • 6. Aatharam Neerthanaiyah (M)
  • 7. Judgement
  • 8. Ennai Nirappum
  • 9. Enthakaalathilum
  • 10. Aathaaram Neerthanaiyah (F)